January 2024

Dear Customer

It is with regret and sadness that I must inform you that Rayners is taking steps to permanently roll down the shutters on the family business – the business that my grandparents started over 100 years ago.

Rayners would not have been able to reach its centenary year in 2022 without the loyalty and support of both its staff and customers over these years. This has never been taken for granted and something we strived to earn.

We will be selling the entire stock.  Therefore, if you would like to buy any of the equipment that you regularly used or have seen something on the website which you would like to purchase, please contact the office.

To allow you time to find an alternative supplier we will continue to operate as usual by processing the orders that you have already placed and we will be accepting new orders for delivery or collection from our stores up to and including Thursday 28th March 2024, which is the beginning of the Easter holiday. The Team will still be here after the Easter holiday to collect and process the last of the hires.

Unfortunately, if you have placed an order with us for delivery or you to collect from our stores after 28th March 2024 we will no longer be able to provide the equipment.  You will need to re-order the equipment with an alternative supplier.  We can suggest alternative suppliers if required but you may prefer to research yourself and find a company which best meets all your specific requirements.

Once again thank you for your loyalty and support over the years and I hope we will continue to receive your emails and have many conversations over the telephone before the shutter is brought down for the final time.

Best regards



Raymond Rayner

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